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I was a member of the Chicago Bar Association (“CBA”) Judicial Evaluation Committee for several years, first as an investigator, then as a voting board member.  From my participation on this CBA committee, I began to give serious thought to running for judge.  Eventually, I applied for an Associate Judge vacancy to educate myself on the whole process.  Before I could take that step, however, I first had to resign from the CBA committee to avoid any conflict.

Fortunately, when I was finally screened by my former committee, the CBA Judicial Evaluation Committee found me “Qualified” to serve as an associate judge in Cook County.  I have also been interviewed and rated by all eleven bar groups that make up the Alliance of Bar Associations. I received “Recommended” or “Qualified” ratings from nine of the alliance bar organizations, and am “Highly Recommended” by the Decalogue Society of Lawyers and “Highly Recommended” by the Lesbian and Gay Bar Association of Chicago.

As far as I can tell from public sources, I have the best bar ratings of any candidate running for judge in the 6th Subcircuit.


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